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We care for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1954.
Over 18,100 children have grown up in our loving, secure environment.

60 Years of Family Life

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Maintenance of Our Homes in Nicaragua

Mar. 25
Frontal Wall at Casa Padre Wasson

Jul. 16
University Students 2013

Jul. 2
Household Items for our homes in Nicaragua

Jun. 28
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Visitor's Day

Feb. 27
First Day of School

Feb. 11
December Special

Jan. 16
American Nicaraguan Foundation Day

Nov. 21
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Godparents Needed

Sep. 24

Aug. 6

May 29

Apr. 4
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60 Years of Family Life
We are celebrating 60 years of family life! Enjoy a glimpse of the NPH family and what makes us unique.
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