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Growing Our Spirituality As A Family
  Jan. 21
Spiritual retreats for all of our pequeños help the entire NPH family to deepen our Catholic roots and strengthen our faith.
A Family Christmas
  Jan. 14
Our celebration of Christmas at NPH Nicaragua as one huge family
Graduation and Celebration
  Dec. 23
A day of celebrating the 2014 graduates and their accomplishments.
Learning And Living Are The Pillars Of Life
  Dec. 16
Students finishing projects and preparing for graduation
An Island of Hope
  Nov. 4
The Samaritan Project, an outreach program at NPH Nicaragua, celebrated the inauguration of Casa Samaritano.
The 20th Anniversary of NPH Nicaragua
  May 20
Celebrating twenty years of being an incredible family.
Easter Week
  Apr. 22
Jesus is an example for all of us.
Visitor's Day
  Feb. 27
Days like this are special for the kids and their families.
First Day of School
  Feb. 11
The NPH school opens it doors for 50 children from the community.
December Special
  Jan. 16
A Magical Month
American Nicaraguan Foundation Day
  Nov. 21
A great day for NPH children to share with children from other homes.
Father Wasson's Day
  Aug. 23
Father Wasson Lives in our Hearts
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Fr. Wasson visits the slums of Cuernavaca.
(NPH Mexico - 1954)

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