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Celebrating the Life of Father Wasson

The sixth anniversary of Fr. Wasson's eternal rest.
August 20, 2012 - Nicaragua

The 16th of August was a special day for the NPH family in Nicaragua. It was in fact the sixth anniversary since the passing away of Father Wasson. The importance of remembering his life is probably even easier to understand in the NPH house in Nicaragua which is named, "Casa Padre Wasson."

The slide show [1/8]

The celebrations began the night before with an evening that included a slide show of images from the life of Fr. Wasson along with the progress of the Nicaraguan branch of NPH. It was a very touching moment and great opportunity for the children to understand why they are with NPH and how NPH Nicaragua was formed years ago. The night continued with a party, live music and dancing. Father Wasson would have been happy to see that the family used this time to feel more united and happy being together.

On the day of the anniversary there was a whole day full of games and activities. There was a contest for the best mural created about Fr. Wasson and NPH.

The entire NPH family has been very involved this year. It was an opportunity for all to not only have fun, but it was also a time to learn more about this absolutely important figure and how this man changed the future of so many lives.

Stefano Mietto   
Communication Officer


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