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NPH has a National Championship Soccer Team

The NPH Nicaragua female soccer team won the National League.
August 20, 2012 - Nicaragua

It was a glorious day in Managua on Saturday July 28th as our female team from Casa Padre Wasson won the final match to become the National Nicaraguan League champions! Now, the team of Carazo are the national champions of the Secondary School League of Nicaragua.

The local newspaper announcing the victory. [1/6]

The final has been one of the most thrilling matches for the team. After the regular game time came to an end, they won with penalty kicks for a 3-1 win against the National Institute of San Ramon from the city of Matagalpa. This intense match ended with the goals scored by Reina, Ruth and Melida.

The stadium of Managua was full of supporters for both teams. For such a big occasion, all the members from the NPH family from the student homes joined the team to support them and then to celebrate after their victory.

They will now compete in the international tournament in El Salvador. Again, congratulations for this amazing achievement!

Stefano Mietto   
Communication Officer


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