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Wonderful School Holiday In Nicaragua

A couple of weeks of work, activities, games, and rest.
July 24, 2012 - Nicaragua

The two weeks in the middle of July are a unique part of the year for NPH Nicaragua. During these 15 days the kids on are vacation, and a lot of the pequeños visit with their extended families before coming back to school.

The new mural on the wall of the school. [1/3]

There are also a lot of kids who stay at Casa Padre Wasson for the holiday as well. Besides getting rest, this is also a time where they get to partake in different activities and projects together in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. In these two weeks, the pequeños also continue to work on the construction of the new workshop. The progress is easy to see, and it will be surely ready for the next international tournament. The school also has a new fresh new look thanks to the efforts of our art therapist and volunteer, Tina. She led an activity with some of the kids, and they have painted one wall with a colorful mural.

Almost every day of this vacation from school has been full of games and activities such as: soccer tournaments, dance competitions, drama and acting competitions, and a lot of birthday parties. For example, we celebrated the birthday of the National Director Marlon Velasquez and the House Sub-Director Colin Larson.

School is about to begin soon, and the kids will be for sure full of energy after this exciting break.

Stefano Mietto   
Communication Officer


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