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Oct. 6
Tropical Storm Nate and it’s Aggressive Path over Nicaragua
A collaboration between NPH and SOS Children's Villages in Nicaragua led to the safe accommodation of 36 children from SOS at NPH facilities
Oct. 5
Tropical Storm Nate Update
Our children, staff and volunteers are safe.
Oct. 4
Quinceañeros at NPH Nicaragua
The NPH family celebrated the 15th birthday of twelve students.
Oct. 2
Visitor's Day at NPH Nicaragua
Children reunite with their biological family at the home and everyone spends time together.
Aug. 15
Camping with the NPH Family
NPH Nicaragua's camping trip made for two days to focus on our family values.
Aug. 6
Vacation Time at NPH Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua students had a two-week break from classes and made the most of their time off.
Aug. 3
Home Away from Home
How one of the 'Programa Amor' students from the community receives opportunities for education, support, and fun in the NPH family.
Jun. 5
NPH Nicaragua Celebrates 23 "Super" Years
Three days of superhero-themed activities made for a grand celebration of the home's 23rd anniversary.
May 1
New Carpentry Workshop at NPH Nicaragua
The newest of Nicaragua's workshops had its inauguration and is fully equipped with tools.
Apr. 13
Chatting about Eggs and Easter with Martin
The story of a boy who is now strong and healthy! He has lots to share with us about his favorite foods.
Apr. 4
Making Strides with Physical Therapy
Learning a new language and the ability to walk!
Oct. 13
Gallo Pinto is a Main Staple
Gallo pinto is the main staple of Nicaraguan cuisine and is enjoyed every day by children at NPH Nicaragua.
Sep. 6
Holistic Education at NPH Nicaragua
A great education and many other services to help our kids grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
Aug. 5
The Gift of Therapy and Much More
After being born four months premature, Marisol, now five, is learning how to move and making great improvements.
Jul. 5
Chicken and Egg Production at NPH Nicaragua
A sustainable part of our agriculture program.
May 27
Happy 22nd Anniversary NPH Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua celebrated their 22nd anniversary with lots of fun, mud, and family.
Sep. 23
Independence Day in Nicaragua
A celebration of freedom and peace through Central America.

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