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The Dance Team is Ready to Tour the US!

Selections for the participants for the US trip have been chosen.
July 25, 2012 - Nicaragua

Tha NPH Dance and Music Team.

The day has finally arrived! The selection for the US tour has been made, and now we can finally announce the names of the talented and lucky pequeños that will go in the fall to the US to dance and play typical folkloric Nicaraguan music.

Tha dance and music group of Casa Padre Wasson is one of the most valuable assets of NPH Nicaragua. The mastery and the passion demonstrated by all the kids along with the involvement of the whole house is really amazing.

Before the selection, the group was very big and included kids of all the ages, both male and female, who were competing to become a part of the selected group. They are all very proud of this important and exciting goal. While the ones who were not selected have a slight bit of sadness, they also have a great desire to improve in order to be able to join the crew maybe the next year.

This is not the first time that children from NPH Nicaragua are traveling to the US, but the performance this year will be better due to the great efforts that they are putting into this project.

The names of the dancers selected are the following: Imnovis, Ana Isela, Reina, Yaritma, Mayquelin, Iris, Petrona, Yuridia, Ariel, Cesar, Juan Ramon, Leo, Kerry, Jose Ramon and Jeffrey. These are the names of the selected musicians: Ballardo and Jose Antonio playing marimba, and Azael and Marvin at the guitars. They will travel in the US with Colin Larson who is the House Sub-Director of Casa Padre Wasson, and he is also the person in charge of the organization of this project.

So, after having astonished the public in different Nicaraguan towns (Masaya, Jinotepe etc.), they are ready for the big step going north!

Stefano Mietto   
Communication Officer




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