Quinceañeros at NPH Nicaragua

The NPH family celebrated the 15th birthday of twelve students.
October 4, 2017 - Nicaragua

Maricela Velásquez, wife of the NPH Nicaragua National Director, and her daughter

July 22nd was a special day for NPH Nicaragua family. It is when our young men and women celebrated their 15th birthday quinceañero and quinceañera parties. One of the youth shared, “This is the best day of my life." The parade of teenagers, accompanied by their godparents, left from the girls’ house on their way to church; shortly following, Father Alberto started with mass at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Once the ceremony ended, everyone walked to the reception area at the home where all were anxiously awaiting the event!

The 12 quinceañeros walked down the red carpet to do a toast and dance the waltz. We savored a rich chicken dinner that had been prepared by the House Chef, Marvin, our older brother who grew up in the NPH home.

All who were invited came to join us in this great event. We shared many joyful moments together in family.

Our NPHI President, Reinhart Koehler, and our NPH Nicaragua National Director, Marlon Velásquez, helped the 12 quinceañeros cut the cake to share it with the guests.

Shortly after, our many teenagers and guests had the chance to dance the night away.

Our NPH family shares in the many blessings left to us by our founder, Father Wasson, and his values and faith continue to be our guiding compass.

May our good God bless these young people, their godparents and the whole NPH family in all the countries where we celebrate these ceremonies of fellowship and love with our younger siblings.

Alvaro Aguirre Barrios   
Communication Officer




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