Tropical Storm Nate and it’s Aggressive Path over Nicaragua

A collaboration between NPH and SOS Children's Villages in Nicaragua led to the safe accommodation of 36 children from SOS at NPH facilities
October 6, 2017 - Nicaragua

SOS youth gathering around in the NPH San Jorge office in Rivas, Nicaragua

Tropical Storm Nate has atrociously affected the Nicaraguan territories in its wake throughout the south central pacific zones.

There were 11 departments and 25 municipalities most vulnerable to flooding, the consequence of which has been 11 deaths, 7 missing persons and 10,000 injured; among them, children, youth, adults and the elderly.

Fortunately, NPH Nicaragua is okay, our family is safe, even though located close to some of the flooded zones. As you may know, the department of Rivas has been one of the most heavily affected. One of the SOS children’s villages is located here and they have had to remove 36 boys and girls due to affected infrastructure.

The Director of SOS Children’s Villages in Nicaragua and Marlon Velásquez, National Director of NPH Nicaragua, united efforts so that 36 boys and girls from SOS could be brought to the NPH office in San Jorge, a place where NPH has supported them with sheets and mattresses to sleep on, food and potable water. All of this support is based on our values as a home, values of a true family, which were instilled by our founder, Father William Wasson.

Andrea Carballo
Marketing Team Coordinator




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