Update: Civil Unrest in Nicaragua

As violence and civil unrest continues, our family in NPH Nicaragua remains safe and continues to pray for their country.
June 27, 2018 - Nicaragua

NPH Nicaragua has hired an Hermano Mayor to visit our students in the surrounding communities. Government-approved study materials ensure that their education has not come to a halt.

For more than two months, civil unrest and violence has devastated the country of Nicaragua. Our NPH family has been and remains safe, with our children calm and secure within the NPH home.

Our local team at NPH Nicaragua took quick action to ensure the safety of children, staff and volunteers since the start of the protests that turned violent. Since then, the team has been carefully evaluating the situation and safety has been the top priority. Along with the rest of the country of Nicaragua and with our NPH community, they had hoped that this difficult situation would quickly improve and peace would be restored throughout the country.

Nicaraguan universities have cancelled in-person classes in the capital city of Managua due to the civil unrest still present throughout the country. However, there are some universities that have found a way to continue their students' education by offering online classes. This has provided an opportunity to many NPH university students to continue moving forward on projects and homework for school.

While some university students have decided to come to Casa Padre Wasson, the NPH Nicaragua home, others have decided to stay in Managua in their own homes. NPH Nicaragua has helped students in both locations with financial support to go toward food and other basic necessities.

At our NPH home, Casa Padre Wasson, the onsite elementary and secondary NPH school classes restarted June 25th for the many students who are now able to attend. For the community students who are not able to attend for safety reasons, NPH has hired an Hermano Mayor to do home visits, and provide the students with a homework guide, tutoring and extra academic support, based on a study guide utilizing the Ministry of Education’s approved subjects and curriculum.

NPH caregivers and Year of Service youths have helped to maintain a positive mood and environment for the children living in the home. We are grateful to our entire NPH family on the ground, who are working hard to ensure our children move through this momentous moment in their country with as little impact to their physical, emotional, or educational development as possible.

Unfortunately, there is still violence and risk in visiting the country of Nicaragua, and there is uncertainty as to when the situation will stabilize. For these reasons, visits to NPH Nicaragua have been cancelled for the remainder of 2018. Our team is working hard to constantly reevaluate the situation on the ground, assure the safety of our family, and then assess when the international NPH family will be able to safely return to visit.

While NPH is not involved in any of the protests, we remain in steadfast prayer for a swift return of peace in Nicaragua.

Father Wasson began NPH with the mission of looking out for the ‘least of Jesus’ brothers and sisters, and we are reminded that it is very often the very least of us who are most strongly affected when violence erupts. “While it would be easy to despair, based on Matthew 25:40, Father Wasson always calls us to respond and see the face of Christ in the hungry, thirsty, naked, those who are sick, in prison or without shelter. I admire how our NPH teams over the years have responded to the terrible earthquakes in Haiti and Mexico, with rebuilding not only our own homes and facilities, but reaching out to many victims to help them piece their lives back together again. I greatly appreciate Marlon Velasquez, National Director of Nicaragua, who manages our NPH Family through the chaos of road blocks and generalized violence to keep the lives of our NPH Family going and all our family members safe in the midst of social unrest.” – Reinhart Koehler.

We are grateful for the support of our global NPH Family during this difficult time. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our children in our home. And we ask you to join us in prayer for a swift return to peace.

Alex Hanel   
Senior Communication Specialist




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