Our Voices: Katherine from NPH Nicaragua

Katherine is a university student and employee at NPH Nicaragua. As part of the Our Voices series, she shares her thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and importance of having a godparent in her life.
November 13, 2020 - Nicaragua

Katherine writes her Our Voices letter.

Dear World,

I hope you are all doing well, keeping healthy and safe.

Through this letter, I would like share a few words with you. My story with the NPH family started fifteen years ago in January 2005. Before NPH, I lived with my grandmother and my older brother. My grandmother took care of us since we were little because our parents were not in our lives for reasons that I would not know how to explain. As time went by, things started to get more complicated for my grandma and, not having the necessary and basic resources to take care of two constantly growing children, she had to seek help. It was then that we began to become part of a bigger family, the NPH family.

As a family, we have had difficult times, and we have faced them. In the same way we are facing the current situation that affects not only us but the entire world. For the protection and with the purpose of minimizing the risks of contagion of COVID-19, certain measures have been taken that apply to both children and collaborators, such as adopting new ways of greeting without having physical contact, social distancing, avoiding constant outings and visits. On the other hand, so that the children are not affected in a psychological way and do not feel stressed by the situation, different recreational activities are carried out for both boys and girls separately. The program of classes has been adjusted, so that both internal children and students from the community can continue their studies. For this to be possible, teachers and caregivers have played a very important role, since this requires more time and effort.

Currently, I am in my last year of university doing an accounting and finance degree, and I support the NPH Nicaragua house working in the accounting area offices. In this way, I put into practice my skills and knowledge, and at the same time, I give a little of what I have received throughout my life. Regularly during the week, I stay at the NPH home for work, and on the weekends, I travel to town to attend classes and stay with my biological family. Because classes were not canceled at university, I must attend, and I am concerned that I am putting my family at risk.

This pandemic has affected our lives on a large scale. Personally, I feel deprived of freedom, since I cannot do the activities that I regularly did or I cannot go to certain places. I also cannot visit my friends or family. The constant concern that if any of my loved ones or someone close to me becomes ill, I will not be there to support or take care for them. The uncertainty of not knowing when this situation will improve and how much it will affect us.

Despite all this, I do not lose hope that things will be better and a proof of this is the fact that despite the circumstances and that you are also facing difficult situations in your personal and professional life, you have not stopped supporting us. Having godparents has been a blessing for me. Godparents are beings who believe that you deserve to have a new opportunity, a better future, that you can make a change in your community and family and that it is not necessary to know someone personally to make an impact on him or her. Growing up in the NPH family, I have received love, care, protection, and education. I have learned the value of service, work and family. All this has shaped my character and personality and this has been possible thanks to each one of the people who support us and who, like me, give hope to hundreds of my NPH brothers and sisters.

For all this, I am pleasantly grateful, and I want you to know that I have you in my prayers. My best wishes to you and your family.



Interested in supporting Katherine with her university education? Please visit NPH Nicaragua to donate.

Katherine Liamar Molina Fajardo   
University Student and Godchild at NPH Nicaragua




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