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Librarian - from Jan 15, 2022 - 1 job for 13 months in NPH Bolivia.


  • 21 years or older
  • Proficient in spoken Spanish/ or Creole (for Haiti)
  • Experience in education desired
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Well organized and ability to discipline the students


The main task of the librarian is to promote activities in the on-site library, organize students and classroom visits and maintain the library in good standing. Each NPH home operates their library in a unique way that works for their children, students and staff.

Typically, in most NPH homes, the library is open during all school operating hours and the librarian is present when classes visit. Some libraries are used for tutoring and also for open reading hours where students have the option to come and visit the library during their free time.

The librarian is also available to aid teachers in the creation of additional research projects or develop didactic activities for the students.

In addition to promoting literacy through story hours and other activities, the volunteer would use the library´s resources creatively to make a space for cultural enrichment and healthy pastimes (board games, cards, conversation, etc.). Volunteers may also be asked to teach classes in the library, especially with our youngest students.

A self-motivated volunteer who loves to read will be most successful in this position. Strong organizational skills are very beneficial for this position, as well as enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude.

Other Responsibilities

Each volunteer chooses an hogar (group of children of the same age living together) at the beginning of their year. Each home’s Volunteer Coordinator will communicate the expectations for hogar time. Usually, it is six days a week, 6 to 8 p.m., but this might vary per home. This has been described as the most fulfilling part of volunteering, the bond and relationships formed with their hogar of children.

Volunteers have every other weekend off, as well as up to 22 days of vacation time after four months of service. Vacation must be arranged according to the specific home’s policies.

All NPH volunteers receive room and board, access to medical care and a monthly stipend. Volunteers pay for their transportation to and from the home and medical insurance. Volunteers must serve for at least one year.

For more information, please write to our International Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].




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